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Mt. Kenya Climbing

4 Days Mt Kenya Climbing – Sirimon Route

The Sirimon Route is an accessible and enjoyable hiking route on Mount Kenya and well within the capabilities of fit hill walkers, offering a varied trek from the cultivated lowlands, through unique glacier-sculpted alpine heath and up to jagged volcanic peaks and glistening glaciers near the peak of Point Lenana.

The itinerary is based on starting and finishing the journey in Naro Moru but we can provide transfer from anywhere in Kenya and any accommodation in Nairobi or additional needs

5 Days Mt Kenya Climbing: Sirimon-Chogoria Route

The Sirimon route features the most gradual ascent profile and best acclimatization options..
This peak circuiting program offers some of the finest mountain trekking experience in East Africa!.
The vast bulk of the snow capped Mt. Kenya looms over the entire region of the central Kenya.
The mountain is part of the central highlands. It is the highest mountain in Kenya and in Africa after the Mt. Kilimanjaro.
For hikers, point Lenana at 4,895 m is the destination.
This is accessed from different routes depending on your availability of time, budget and hiking experience.

6 Days Mt Kenya Climbing: Sirimon – Naromoru Route

This itinerary uses one of the gentlest ascent trail up Mount Kenya and is tailored to provides valuable acclimatisation by having extra, but shorter walking days during the trek. On the way up you split the distance to the base of the peaks into 3 then skirt the high peaks in the anticlockwise direction. On the trek around the peaks you pass Hausberg col and Two-tarn and enjoy splendid views of the rocky towers, tarns and suspended glaciers of the west face of Batian peak then descend down the Teleki valley to connect the Naromoru summit trail.

6 Days Mt kenya Climbing: Sirimon – Naromoru

The most popular route although not the most scenic. It is also the fastest route to point Lenana. Take this classic route up Mount Kenya though the notoriously treacherous vertical bog and into the wide Teleki Valley beneath the Tryndall, The Lewis Glacier.
Though the summit can be reached in 4 days as per the below itinerary, we strongly recommend an overnight acclimatization at the base, Naromoru River Lodge